SpatialKey Launched!

I’ve been working with my client SpatialKey on the launch of their new web-based data visualization and mapping application. It’s a fantastic tool for a broad base of decision makers (sales, marketing, government, police departments, you name it). It’s for people who don’t have the training (or time!) to use conventional location intelligence tools, yet need to pull insight from their location data to make important decisions.

SpatialKey is so easy to use that you can enter data in the application and then make all kinds of analysis on the fly, all without training. Since the maps are so visual (never want to see an Excel file after that!) and update immediately, it’s very easy to find trends or answer questions you have re. your data- for ex: What customers should I focus on in my territory? How can we better fight drug dealing next to schools? Which clients should I email to for X event to maximize attendance, etc.

Once you complete your analysis, you can either invite others on your team to continue to analyze the data or you can email your findings or also post them to Flickr. Also, and as a marketer what I find so valuable, is that you can export the subset of the data you filtered (for ex the customers you decided were the best candidates for your campaign) to feed an email management system for email follow up.

Only companies with deep pockets used to be able to do geographic data analysis, and even then decision makers need to rely on analysts every time they want a different set of questions answered. SpatialKey is both for these large organizations (it integrates with traditional systems to allow a broader range of users to access the data) and also for smaller companies/organizations that cannot afford expensive location analyst tools, nor the analysts/ IT support required to use them.

Click here to check out features, and here to see the types of organizations that would benefit from SpatialKey

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